Does Thirteenth Amendment Needs To Be Capitalized

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This is a legislative command, not an administrative request.

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It is undoubtedly true that lawyers and doctors do encourage limitations on the granting of licenses in order to limit the number of entrants into their respective industries.

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Declaring Equality Before the Nineteenth Amendment Textbooks have been declaring the achievement of sex equality since before the Nineteenth Amendment.

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Georgia law that gave women a financial incentive not to vote.

Refinancing Debt and Permitted Junior Secured Refinancing Debt are first made ratably, to the extent required hereunder or pursuant to the terms of such Permitted Pari Passu Secured Refinancing Debt and Permitted Junior Secured Refinancing Debt, as the case may be.

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Establish geographicallybased Economic Empowerment Zones to promote private and nonprofit sector investment in diverse hiring and small businesses and real estate owned by Black people and people of color.

Reexamine background checks, psychological assessments, and other screening mechanisms that disproportionately exclude Black people and people of color.

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