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When Sir John Hale suffered a stroke that left him unable to walk, write or speak, his wife Sheila researched everything about his condition that she could get her hands on, in an attempt to restore his old life.

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This brand new book which goes on sale next week will help you with your patients with dementia.

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This is a wonderful, helpful book laid out in a helpful sequence including guidelines to determine if a child is ready for articulation therapy as well as how to prioritize your goals. Atlanta Speech Therapy only employs ASHA certified therapists.

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On each page of every book, you will find a social pragmatic language question.

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Prizant is the developer of the SCERTS model and an expert in the area of autism.

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My child has all ages of service providers and books recommended by speech therapist has delayed auditory bombardment or group and recommended books that help a symptom and activities. Speech therapy can help kids learn to speak more clearly.

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What books should you read with your little one?

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