Christopher M. Redmann

Christopher M. Redmann, *National Trial Lawyers Association Award: Top 40 Attorneys Under 40.

Attorney Overview:

With a collection of investigative and prosecutorial experience, Chris co-founded Redmann Law, P.C. to offer additional services to the firm’s clients primarily in the area of criminal defense.  After years in government service, he came to the private sector with a keen understanding and perspective that only a law enforcement and prosecutorial background can allow.

Attorney Background:

Chris grew up in northeastern Wisconsin and obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science from the University of Wisconsin – Steven’s Point. He later received his juris doctorate at the University of North Dakota – School of Law. After Chris completed his legal education, with an interest in criminal investigations, he worked for the Fargo Police Department. He investigated and responded to thousands of calls ranging from DUI and drug offenses to domestic violence and homicide. He obtained advanced training in DUI interdiction, standardized field sobriety tests (SFSTs), Domestic Violence investigation, and completed both investigations and narcotics agent school. Chris left the Fargo Police Department to work as a prosecutor with the Burleigh County State’s Attorney’s Office in Bismarck, ND. Chris prosecuted hundreds of cases ranging from minor misdemeanor assaults to complex AA felony methamphetamine conspiracy. He attended advanced training in the prosecution of drug offenders and maintained a strong conviction rate in the office.

Chris ultimately left government service to join Redmann Law, P.C. as a partner focusing primarily on criminal defense litigation. He represents clients from all walks of life and in the full scope of state and federal criminal cases. His experience in both state and federal investigations is an incredible asset to his clients as he knows how the criminal investigation, charging, plea negotiation, and trial phases work and the many ways an attorney can advocate his client’s best interests.

In the scope of his defense work, Chris has represented clients involved in large federal drug conspiracies with life in a federal prison on the line to the very intricate and nuanced representation that comes with a DUI charge.  In addition to representing those accused of drug and alcohol offenses, he has also represented those accused of gross sexual imposition, luring a minor, theft, and assaults.

Attorney Methodology:

Every case begins with a thorough client interview and consultation during which case goals, expectations, and rapport is established.  The next step is the investigation stage as the best defense is a great offense.  Every possible document, video, note, report, and recording is reviewed to look for possible defenses and prosecutorial weaknesses.  Furthermore, the firm utilizes a number of experienced experts to assist in creation of a defense theory; these experts range from private investigators, to psychologists, to polygraph experts.  It is during this stage that a more formal strategy is developed.

In many cases the next phase involves “motions” to the Court to suppress, for example, illegally obtained evidence or statements made in violation of a client’s Miranda rights.  Some motions may be reserved for right before trial for tactical advantage while others are filed early.  Often winning an important motion will prevent the prosecutor from utilizing a critical piece of evidence and result in either a dismissal or substantial reduction in the charge.

Next is the negotiation stage with the prosecutor’s office.  The negotiation stage often will disclose the prosecutor’s strategies and thoughts on the case.  Typically, prosecutors will relay several plea offers to settle the case; it is at that point that additional client consultation and case valuation is discussed to determine if the best result is a plea agreement or trial.

A case proceeding to trial is tenaciously prepped.  Witnesses are subpoenaed and prepared to testify, cross examination of the prosecutor’s witnesses is developed, and jury presentation arguments are crafted.  Trial is truly the culmination of months of hard work and attention to detail as it all comes down to that final moment, after all the witnesses have testified, after all the evidence is in, and after the breaths of silence which precede each and every jury verdict.  Guilty or Not Guilty.  That is where a trial attorney earns his keep.

Fees: Fixed (always), Free consultation (30 minutes)

Payment types: Cash, Check, Credit card

Contact info
Christopher M. Redmann3
Redmann Law, P.C.400 E. Broadway Ave Ste. 410
Bismarck, ND, 58501


Office (701) 354-4477







State Status Acquired Updated
ND Authorized to practice law 2013 07/24/2016

Award name Grantor Date granted
Top 40 Under 40 National Trial Lawyers 2016
Director’s Certificate of Achievement Federal Bureau of Investigation 2008

Work experience
Title Company name Duration
Founding Partner Redmann Law, P.C. 2014 – Present
Assistant State’s Attorney Burleigh County State’s Attorney’s Office 2013 – 2014
Officer Fargo Police Department 2011 – 2013
Counter-terrorism Operations Department of Justice 2007 – 2010

School name Major Degree Graduated
University of North Dakota School of Law Law JD – Juris Doctor 2011

Speaking engagements
Conference name Title Date
Guest Lecturer Understanding the Prosecution of Criminals Post Arrest 2014
Guest Lecturer The Prosecutorial Role in the Criminal Justice System 2014
Guest Lecturer The Criminal Justice System and Implications to Medical Professionals 2014
Guest Lecturer Debate Regarding Contemporary Gun Control Topics 2013
Guest Lecturer Burglary Prevention and Crime Safety 2012

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