Sean B Druyon

Hello!  My name is Sean Druyon.  I am a trial attorney that focuses primarily on defending people’s constitutional rights as they relate to criminal charges filed against them.

I graduated magna cum laude from the University of Utah obtaining a double major in philosophy (ethics and religion) and speech communication (argumentation and persuasion).  While doing undergrad work I was a local scoutmaster and ran a successful business that consumed 40+ hours of my time per week.  I was the chair of the philosphy student association, and was a student senator and a member of the debate team.  These experiences helped me decide to sell my business and go to law school:  I wanted to help people solve their problems, I wanted to be challenged, and I wanted to have intellectual stimulation.  The legal profession was perfect for me!

I chose to attend at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln because my wife had never lived out of the state of Utah, and we wanted to move out of state so she could try a new experience… but I also wanted to attend a top tiered law school that was not in a metro city since we had small children that we were raising.  Thus….University of Nebraska–Lincoln!!!  It was a top tiered law school and the housing market was great, so we loaded up the U-Haul and off we went!  Did I tell you we ran into a tornado on our way there?!!! Haha.
While in law school I bought a fixer-upper duplex and remodeled it while attending my first year while working another side job while my wife stayed home and took care of the family (her full time job!).   The next year I clerked at the Nebraska Attorney General’s office criminal appeals division.  Between my second and third year I clerked for the Second District Court judges in Utah.  My third year I proseucted as a student prosecutor in Nebraska for the city of Lincoln.  I was also heavily involved on the Nebraska Law Review, as I was selected to be an Executive Editor (six editors selected per class) which edits articles written by judges, lawyers, and professors from accross the country.  I decided to write my own article and it was selected to be published that year in the Nebraska Law Review.  That year I was also awarded the prestigious CALI award of Excellence for Legal Profession (reserved for the top student).  I was also the Boy Scout Master during law school in Nebraska as well which gave me time to camp with my scouts and take a break from the rigors of law school!
Since law school I have focused my practice on primarily criminal defense. I enjoy helping others solve their problems.  I don’t mind challenging prosecutors when it is appropriate.  Sometimes that means ruffling the judge’s feathers as well.  But I try to do it in a respectful, yet confident, mannner.  One Rape of a Child case I handled a few years ago the judge denied my request for the county to pay for a private investigator and a child psychologist expert that we needed for trial.  Rather than argue with her I decided to file an appeal to the Supreme Court.  I won.  See State v. Jeffs, 2011 UT 56 (My case was State v. Davis, 2011 UT 57–a companion case).  That case was a very significant case in that it held that indigent defendants, even though they are represented by private counsel, are still entitled to all the necessary tools to be adequately prepared for trial, even if the State has to pay for those resources if the defendant is indigent.
I currently serve on the Board of Directors for the Utah Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, and was recently elected to be Secretary.  I have been a member of the legislative and indigent defense committees for the UACDL for the past several years and have spent significant time at Capitol Hill lobbying and testifying regarding various bills that affect our specific clients as well as the general public.
Although it is important for me to excell in the law, I think it is equally important to have a balanced personal life.  I am a father of five, enjoy hiking with my children, taking them to the nearby pond to swing on the tree swing and drop into the water, and camping with them up Farmington Canyon.  I am also a Scoutmaster (third time’s a charm!!!) of a local Boy Scout troop in Bountiful and enjoy camping with my scouts each month.  These boys are our future and I enjoy helping them reach their potential.
I also like to participate in triathlons and marathons.  I love running and riding my mountain bike in the mountains in my spare time.  I believe that staying in shape helps me give positive energy to my clients, and helps me better interact with the prosecutors and judges to get my clients the best possible results.  Sometimes clients want to just talk.  I’m ok with that.  Sometimes having a friend who cares can help someone find the motivation to get back on track and be a law abiding citizen again.
That’s why I started Utah Freedom Fighters.  I want to fight for your freedoms, whether that is freedom from jail, freedom from sexual or controlled substance addictions, or freedom from unjustified police dominance.  My staff and I are eager to assist you in defending against the charges you are facing and help restore your peace of mind.


Hourly ($150-300/hour), Fixed (sometimes), Retainer (sometimes)

Contact info
Utah Freedom Fighters/Druyon Law Offices, PC

825 N 300 W
Suite N-225
Salt Lake City, UT, 84103

Office (801) 784-2859

UT Active 2001 08/16/2016

Precint Chair Legislative Precinct 006 Bountiful 2012
Cali Award of Excellence (Legal Profession–top student) University of Nebraska–College of Law 2001
Winner: Law Review Writing Competition University of Nebraska–College of Law 2001
Nebraska Law Review Executive Editor Scholarship University of Nebraska 2000
President–Student Advisory Committee University of Utah–Philosophy Dept 1998
Manga Cum Laude University of Utah 1998
Student Senator University of Utah 1997

Work experience
Owner Druyon Law Offices/ Utah Freedom Fighters 2002 – Present
Associate Richards, Brandt, Miller and Nelson 2001 – 2001
Associate Crist, Cathcart, and Peterson 2001 – 2002
Clerk Utah Second District Court 2000 – 2000

University of Nebraska College of Law Law JD – Juris Doctor 2001
University of Utah Philosophy BA – Bachelor of Arts 1998

Speaking engagements
Annual Seminar-St. George Legislative Updates 2013

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